Let’s meet with NEON.

NEON is project as a result of collective authorship between Aleksandar Georgiev – Ace, Zhana Pencheva and Irena Tsvetanova. It generate and articulate choreographic material around the protest body, burlesque and their functions in the society. Neon offers a perspective for the body and vacuum’s it within the state of celebration.

Irena Tsvetanova, Aleksandar Georgiev & Zhana Pencheva
photo by Mariya Sabotinova//2015

Garage Collective is NGO based in Bulgaria (Sofia) where the artists are part of it. Its structure which triggers approaches and questions around collective authorship and collectivity.  Shortly: WE are Neon and Garage Collective and Zhana and Irena and Ace.

NEON umbrella 

NEON is a project umbrella that generate different activations. It started as a proposal to look at the burlesque body through celebrating/protesting body, but then it fast came to dropping the focus of the body and turning it to applying systems and dealing with it through choreography. Till now the products that have been initiated are: 

photo by Mariya Sabotinova

NEON Lecture/Performance (Happening Choreography) – on the subject of celebrating/protesting body – This is a lecture format, orientated to explore the collective authorship system by using a simple tool of building common performance during the lecture and simultaneously working on the concept of it. This space is created as a game where we all create a Meta performance by simply playing the game, a performance which is built from all present participants in the space. 

photo by Mariya Sabotinova
Neon – lecture performance has been supported by the theater of New Bulgarian University, Sofia. 

Video:  ,  password: celebrateit (Bulgarian Language//adoptable for English) 

NEON training – which is physical morning training for preparing the body to experience the perspective of observing and activating the celebrating body as protesting and vice versa.

photo by Mariya Sabotinova
This work have been part from the Residency program by Derida Dance Center, Sofia. 

NEON Burlesque performance – which is a stage performance performed in the night proposing the perspective of protesting /celebrating body through the experience of burlesque performance which in its core is the flirt, resistance, elitisticisam, grotesque, sarcasm and sex. This work have been already activated with the following artists:

Authors: Aleksandar Georgiev, Irena Tsvetanova, Zhana Pencheva

Performers: Aleksandar Georgiev, Irena Tsvetanova/Dario Barreto Damas, Zhana Pencheva. In 2018 the performers team changed and invited dancer was Dario Barreto Damas.

Music: Emilian Gatscov – Elbi, (BG)

Visuals: Ralitsca Toneva, (BG).


NEON project is funded by the municipality program “Culture” for 2015 Sofia and Municipality of Burgas 2015. NEON is part of The Residence program Derida Dance Center, the project partners are: Garage Collective , NGO Hamalogika, New Bulgarian university, Dance BG, Social Center – Burgas, Youth Cultural Centre, Magazine Vij !, PowerFM, Transmission at Atelie on BNT.

Thanks to: Nadeto and Sito studio, Rosen Mihailov and Margreta Kostadinova.